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If you've felt deprived of generic YA action heroes lately, you are in luck: There's a third Maze Runner movie. The subsequent day, Thomas is attacked by Ben, a Runner who has been stung by a Griever - deadly techno-organic creatures that roam the Maze at evening. It is occasionally forgotten that a prison officer, stabbed throughout the Maze prison escape of 1983, subsequently died of a heart attack. Dylan 'Brien is Thomas, who finds himself deposited into The Glade, an enclosure of a neighborhood of boys trapped inside a maze.

But so much of The Death Cure's plot is invested in tying up loose narrative ends (who pairs up with whom, and so forth.) rather than digging into the deeper implications of WCKD's fight against the Flare. Slight spoiler alert: the last scene of Death Cure does hint that Thomas' story may possibly not be as more than as we thought. Thomas is the principal character, but naturally, he's not the only 1 trying to escape the Glade or the maze.

Death Remedy is the last Maze Runner movie , but fans of the original trilogy and the book series it was adapted from should not be also upset, as there's still hope that more Maze Runner stories could be told on screen, in 1 form or an additional. But to get in, Thomas must confront his former friend who betrayed the result in - Teresa ( Kaya Scodelario ), who nevertheless believes WCKD can do good if they use the immune to discover a remedy - and evade cold-blooded WCKD enforcer Janson ( Aiden Gillen ).

Production on Maze Runner: The Death Remedy was shut down following lead actor Dylan 'Brien was badly injured when a stunt went wrong. Nevertheless, even though I appreciate several of the particulars of the Maze Runner universe, I cannot watch The Maze genuinely advise The Death Cure to anybody not already heavily invested in this series (a dwindling number, if box-office returns are to be believed).

3 films in, Thomas remains an irritatingly blank slate, a generic hero-sort for viewers to project themselves onto. That is Thomas (Dylan 'Brien), a newbie at the story's starting, hence the nickname, who rises to turn into a single of the Runners — athletic Gladers who explore the Maze during the day, mapping its altering layout in the name of obtaining a way out of their confinement.